Closer to the Distant feelings

That which is farthest feels closer to the heart If only the heart knew of this longing after emerging from the distractions They sit closer for some reason; trappings of regular dialogues of stern words Judging them takes time and sends tremors across the overworking mind Is silent wandering a myth for the humankind?  Let’s imagine the endless possibilities from the shy glances of curious … Continue reading Closer to the Distant feelings

Slippery Fortunes

Don’t blame the slippery fortunes Where dreams slew away to obscurity All the conscious efforts to manipulate Taking the sheen away from the conscious mind Luring away the heart towards an askew path Throwing away the wealth of life in bogs Struggling with the disparaging reality Life slips away, mocking at the entire fiasco Sauntering away from the days of innocence and truth A lost … Continue reading Slippery Fortunes