Mystery Unravels

Having wakened the uncanny stillness, the heart feels the tremor Every heart doth speak in murmurs and looks feverish in ashen demeanour Forgotten interpretations rise up like many serpentine births from obscurity Speak of them in fear, scream if the wild desires push the soul to speak of scarcity Careless joys never last; like walking on broken shells abandoned somewhere Almost gripped by the unseen … Continue reading Mystery Unravels

Foul Sleep

A faint sleep is caught in the powerful vortex of a mighty dream Tempestuous feels the body among the compelling images that overcrowd Feels drowned, in the replica of another universe from obscure reality Light feels heavy on the eyes, feelings infused with stressful energies Pulled towards the lengthy and endless labyrinth imagined by Morpheus Days laziness metamorphoses into a menacing drama of malevolent dreams … Continue reading Foul Sleep

The Deeds

The rhythm wasn’t composed by the savant Some nocturnal churnings handed over those tunes through gremlins Strolling down the ancient cobbled pavements, keeping an eye on sleepless souls There’s certainly some magic in the air Not one that is imagined by the purist magician, but of some devious wizard Tap, tap, tap, comes strolling the words for the epitaph Of fallen dreams and jealous pursuits … Continue reading The Deeds


Even the earth has to cry foul  Indignations persistent and careless plunder Human transgressions cultivated Hoping for a yield of grand power Foolish squabbles and squalid languages Duplicity doubles the trauma Complain, complain, complain Feelings of helplessness and rage Look in the mirror, reflecting vile character Grubby hands grab morsels of distress Infuriates the lingering hunger Insatiable urge to outrage the flow of life ~Amitav Continue reading Foul