The Jar

All the dreams that rest in a fragile jar Difficulty reaching through the constricted neck Soft night light adds a lustrous mystery Misery reflects in such aggrandized manner Natal thoughts remain in view, yet, unobtainable It could shatter any moment Releasing the dreams that have been captive Only delicate wings are enough For taking them to their destination But the fragile jar lay there in … Continue reading The Jar

The Illusions

There are illusions about illusions and therefore, the constant illusions disguise perceptions. Often wrapped too tightly, they are misshapen and every particle seems to act diabolically. The manifestation of memphistopheles imagery prowls across the canvas with audacious intentions. Depleted intellectualism and rise of anti-intellectualism burns the path of critical thoughts. The natural inclination toward unnatural ideas creates a design with deliberate loopholes to bleed the … Continue reading The Illusions

Effect of Time

As long as you inhale Time You are not free Permeates the entire body Breaching the cells Wraps the mind with limitations Slowly settles between the furrows To manipulate the concept of Life Happy thoughts submerge Deluged by the gushing flow of Time Only little island emerge Where melancholy is a reality Vision drenched with trepidation Creating everything with nervousness Or, hastened by Time towards … Continue reading Effect of Time