Some Clarity

Some days appear cleaner- washed away by the overnight rain All the debris and worries; human misapprehensions and mistrusts Disappear, as the rains dream of a new beginning It may be gloomier and quieter, but how peaceful in stillness A difficult night washed by Providential rains looks like a child praying Even for a brief moment, the vagaries of humanity feels distant Now the innocent … Continue reading Some Clarity

Rushing towards a Dawn

Rushing towards the morning without taking off the night’s robe Waiting for the first hint of light after a gruelling debate with worries They were eager to write an epitaph without the flair for that language Unwilling to emend the phrases and pauses; they felt so inappropriate First glances of light erased the sense of gloomy deliberation of night The eyes were waiting to decipher … Continue reading Rushing towards a Dawn


The fragrant candour of blossoms  Cadenced sways like innocent laughter Country ways lead to places of forgotten paradise Wide eyes and friendly smiles transform the face After a long time a feeling of new enthusiasm It’s the energy of awakening and celebrating Greeted by garlanded landscapes Today, the soul feels blessed with Nirvana Someone has lifted the burden  Walking straight and spring in steps Today, time … Continue reading Candour


Breathing with the trees, tranquillity surrounding the soul Camouflaged in green; a feeling of oneness An acknowledgement from the eternal eyes Childhood beckons the adult heart to unburden the denial Of not being accepted because of destructive thoughts Simplicity is complicated enough in a world of conformity Artificial sleep is a detour for the soul  Now it is time to experience dreams of purity Branches nod … Continue reading Wonderment

Fresh Earth

Fresh Earth shrugs off the sorrowful tone of unfulfilled dreams Constant buzz near the ears created by rapid wing movement of voices From where they fly remains a mystery; restless like hummingbirds Rainbow streaks became monochrome in disguise of dark Light filters through the foliage carrying waves of realisations Steep night descends unceremoniously in deep caverns Covers of the night become irrelevant while confronting daylight … Continue reading Fresh Earth

Forgotten Breath

Inhaling the forgotten breath of life for the first time Soul reminisce the purpose after waking up in earnest Dreams resembled patchy bogs amidst forgotten meadows Now, rejuvenated mind can visualise the entire scenery Sharp winter winds relentlessly reduces the mirth of falsehoods Feet seems to be anchored for the first time since birth Yearnings of experiencing life lay abandoned for eons Playful winds whistle … Continue reading Forgotten Breath

Fresh Air

The soul searched for fresh air To wake up the mind from slumber Stale air inspired delusions Soul-searching showed the path To expand the consciousness Prepare the mind to absorb new consciousness Inhale and exhale with freedom Expand the ribcage to accommodate the world Bold and prepared soul will not crumble At the slightest tension of expansion There’s more to experience from Life Fresh air … Continue reading Fresh Air