A Rain-soaked Day

A rain-soaked day was wilting with excessive monotony Its spirit was luckily regaled by the enthusiastic merrymakers More fun was squeezed out from the day by screaming vagabonds But the day wished reprieve from the incessant downpour Prayers were heard and finally reflected in variegated sky Lo and behold, the day decided to end with a splash of vermilion Soon, the tired and mud-caked feet … Continue reading A Rain-soaked Day

The Magical Journey

A little beyond The threshold Of conformity And collective Sanity There is A world Of creativity Waiting to Be explored Run amok With freedom Let the Mind wander Beyond The realm Of common Definitions Pick your path And be ready For a journey And whirlwind Experience And feel the Mind expand To reach out For inspirations As never before It’s exhilarating And euphoric Just go … Continue reading The Magical Journey