Wrath of a spurned heart  Inferno, Inferno, Inferno Crusts destabilise menacingly Hot ashes hide pulverised emotions The sizzling fury of revenge Decapitated reflections Yet, a victimised heart embers Destabilising existence Seared earth is a reality Nude valleys and ambitious deserts Evaporated water Melted mirrors Horrific reflections are captive In a spurned heart A battle rages on ~Amitav   Continue reading Wrath

Visible Anarchy

Torrential reflections create a vulgar scenario of chaos From transcendental mirrors emerges the truth Unnecessary obsession with mercenary thoughts Combatting the heavy-handed progress of deployed anarchy Nothing is substantial amidst the unrealistic fury Poltroons fail to articulate the real desires convincingly Nursing the repeated failures with numbing lotions Temporary comfort nudges the soul to retreat to a corner Invisibility of spirit eases the influencing of minds … Continue reading Visible Anarchy

So Lethal

Mutilating the mind with thoughts so lethal Vocalised torment, toying mercilessly with the senses Misleading them with obscure perfumes of a dark world Waving a black cloak to uproot the foundation of freedom Turning into a rapacious visionary with tyrannical intent Paradoxical night stirs the core of vicious maelstrom Urging the soul to drink the lascivious poison Events flare up and advance with fiery damnation … Continue reading So Lethal


Observing the indifferent hearts and listening to their dialogues Can be a complex experience, yet, the mind observes the visible stirrings of insecurity Afflicted with an intense desire to humiliate the pilgrims of conscious knowledge Exaggeratedly colouring the world with dismal tone of perpetual exasperation Choking every conduit of wisdom with dishonest thoughts, trying to challenge feebly Hiding weaknesses by being belligerent and desecrating the pantheon … Continue reading Punishment

Nature’s Message

There is an uprising in Nature Winds congregate to unsettle the quiet Our endeavors have gone too far- Desires have severed the ecosystem Nature has ways to communicate with Elements To wake them up for some action We have given enough causes for a reaction Hope we are prepared To face the turbulent times ahead  Our idea of creation relies on destruction Without being inclusive … Continue reading Nature’s Message