As They Cave In

Thoughts cave in; it’s futile to pull them back With taut muscles and wrecked brains Fragments of disillusioned emotions also surrender Once, only a flicker of a path was available Now the lights are dull; the temper of existence, tense The hope of crawling towards freedom with all might Something is not right in the fight for control Everything falls apart; they do and permeates … Continue reading As They Cave In


Meagre night insufficiently covers the trembling thoughts Not comforting for the exposed skin to negotiate the darkness Restive head on the rigid pillow contemplates over tired knots Ostentatious illusions erased to reveal an esoteric starkness Drama that is scripted with hasty dialogues and twisted plots Negotiations that guarantee to elucidate the sparseness Dissatisfied ink flowing carelessly leave behind numerous blots Inconclusive communication wraps around like a harness … Continue reading Inconclusive

Day you Realize

The day you realize You have lived a life, arranged Designed and directed by society Without voicing your opinion Being a minion among the many Since the time of birth Ordered and institutionalized Education and beliefs You own not your life Cannot claim it to be your own And live for everyone Living by the archaic rules Obsolete and delusional Perceived reality is a chimera … Continue reading Day you Realize

In Deep Slumber

When souls have been in deep slumber There is a sinister magical spell of doom Somnambulists are driven toward a cul-de-sac Walking through a decrepit tunnel of maze Many doors open, but there is no hope of escape Souls unaware of the gravity of the situation Tranquil solitude has retired many ages ago Wilderness of creepy vines and entanglement Souls caught in the timeless travail … Continue reading In Deep Slumber