The City Holds its Breath

The strenuous relationship between the archaic and contemporary When the city was created and everything was fresh and jovial Entire populace immersed themselves in the revelry of witnessing a change Dwellings of dreams, marketplaces, brimming with gossips and local fare There’s a smell of freshness in the undulating air- enthusiasm everywhere Crowds from far look like bright embroidery that embraces the city New avenues, and … Continue reading The City Holds its Breath

One Cannot Pause

When there is no luxury to pause, the sky changes its temperament  In fleeting moments, the journey takes keen turns; compulsions of subtle changes Even short steps palpitate the heart- one is unprepared  for the destination There fewer chances of listening earnestly and eyes can marvel at the smudged images Folks speak of their inner turmoil; narrates some of the interesting lines from folklore Before … Continue reading One Cannot Pause

What the Farce

We cannot seek a safe abode when we are on a mission to destroy the invaluable relationship with nature. While there is much rhetoric about its well-being, there are those belligerent enough to call every such effort to be a drivel. Remember, the adults are troublemakers; disrupting and destroying not only nature but the fragile ecosystem of life. We are bullying and trolling nature and … Continue reading What the Farce


Adrift; far away from the course of a future that may become a reality Elements within has listened to unprophetic narratives and changed their energy Without the synergy with the universe’s elements, a shift and rift is evident The heart speaks in a different accent and remains incommunicado from the truth Mere drift may not feel too much trouble but the shift in perception is … Continue reading Future

Time of Communication

The time of this conversation never happened to find a comfortable space. When time has to feign friendliness with hostile and fake time, compulsive misdemeanours are common occurrences. Conversations are avoided and discriminated according to suitability. Unsettling talks probing falsehoods ignite belligerent behaviour, enough to harm fragile relationships. Prevailing sentiments are that of humbugs are truthful, and can be trusted their worth in every word … Continue reading Time of Communication


Tomorrow won’t save you from today’s vain promises Compelling truth to vanish without confronting fallacies Future has a cosmic eye to comprehend the real intentions Desirable lectures articulated and enveloped in lies It is the escapists who wish to transform today’s reality Still praying for a favourable future is a contradiction Winds may stop whispering and nature may stop listening ~Amitav Continue reading Tomorrow


O we stifle Nature with indignant nature Only as far as consciousness can wander Whispering of the forest and valley echoes Fails to reach the senses; false interpretations Have made profound impact on existence Anxious network of incoherent thoughts Sorrowful conflicts and insecurities galore Brittle frames nervously hold afflictions Seeds have not yielded healthy ideas Weak roots and branches helpless Hollowness carved with incisive negativity Echoes the … Continue reading Defiance

Lover’s Lament

One who walked away without a convincing goodbye Now desires to follow the footsteps through memory lane Walking a purposeless path; imaginary communication with a silhouette Spirit has long retired to a solitary place to contemplate a road ahead Why meet someone for a rendezvous to recollect strewn feelings?  Not many of them are there; withered and taken away by a storm  Those paths have … Continue reading Lover’s Lament