From the Light

Of Earth’s immortality spring the dreams of hope Waiting to be sheltered in the immortal soul Orb lights up with the Divine blessing  Lamentations, tears, pain, heartbreak will cease This light will endure the stormy moments It reminds the soul to awaken the mournful spirit Bring it closer to the eternal light A praying horizon surrenders with certainty May hope, gratitude, and love spring from … Continue reading From the Light

Those Words

Lustrous words kiss the bosom Ever graceful from the depths Darkness nurtures the beauty Aren’t dwarfed by impatience Graceful sways arouse the heart Idle moments to introspect Pristine feelings shall speak Inebriated with love and hope Resplendent colour of rubies Yearnings of a vibrant heart World resembles a mirror Reflecting glowing tribute Of those truthful words Ruby-red the firmament It took night’s deliriousness To seek … Continue reading Those Words

Shadow’s Embrace

The day flirts with the shadows Signs of tiredness, but the childish energy still palpable  Light slants and stretches languorously  Hoping to kiss the horizon before the Sun settles down mellow Tender moments and vibrancy of silence is felt within One who contemplates looking deep into the cosmic wonder Like a lover’s faithful hands the embrace is tranquil Finery of the ambience infuses positive aura … Continue reading Shadow’s Embrace