The Echoes

Wonder which language the ancient monuments speak Once grand and glory of an Age they survive the onslaught of time Many mysteries are whispered by the walls, remain still in oblivion Not all the stories have been narrated and those spirits await liberation Narratives remain relevant forever as eternity carries them Listen to the murmurs of the mountains and impatience in surrounding winds Echoes between the … Continue reading The Echoes

The Murmurs

Trees murmur as twilight permeates the daylight Sky is filled with a wonderful fusion of feelings Winged messengers contemplate the nested world Fluid reflection of the blossoming boughs is surreal Rhythmic patterns emanate from silent interlude Nature’s transformation becomes intriguing Fallen leaves narrate an unknown fate in whispers Silhouettes fill the background, reflecting mystery It won’t be long before the stars light up to burn There … Continue reading The Murmurs

A Rose

What does the rose hide between its petals? The aroma, mystery, love, or hypnotic mantra Everyone falls in love with a rose Sometimes, the lover feels envious of its popularity A rose is much more than a flower From a bud to the flowering grandeur, in many colors It’s held with utmost elegance between slender fingers Thorns wither away and do not have a chance … Continue reading A Rose

Welcoming the Night

The window blushed with twilight tinge Urging me to say goodbye to the day A reprieve from the strains of clamor Soon, brisk paces will slow down Far away, from an alien land, night will arrive The mind can float around in a silent bay Appreciating the rhythmic beats of the heart Mystical powers will transform the landscape Darkness will provide a tranquil retreat The wind … Continue reading Welcoming the Night

The Citadel

The unfair world Constructs the mightiest citadel On the foundations of insecurity No ground is high enough Confined within the chambers Distanced from reality Miniature, the world becomes The world shrinks unwillingly Frantically, life runs within four walls Promised a life of eternity False dreams rein the soul’s freedom Stone walls are the only audience High ceilings are mistaken for the sky Soul is scantily … Continue reading The Citadel

Morning Beauty

Nature witnesses amorous play of light and dark From where the beauty of morning is birthed Sensual silence lures the soul to wake and love The playful birds sing the celebratory song  Divine aroma in the wind ignites passion To witness the pristine beauty of the morn Rustling leaves suddenly speak in hushed tones Awakened soul is going to kiss the morning beauty Shimmering garment … Continue reading Morning Beauty

Without the Night

Without the night descending on Earth The world will lose its grandeur The glamour of the darkness Shimmers on the silent waters Each ripple unfolds the beauty Caressing the water’s edge with Love Reflecting the sickle-shaped Moon Cutting across the darkness with light The night holds secret contemplations For dreamers, poets, and wanderers The magic cloak of darkness reveals Myriad ideas in the guise of … Continue reading Without the Night

Isle of Love

The soft murmurs of love Audible to the eager hearts Love flows around the isle Where two lovers reside Away from speculations Night skies shine brighter Luminous constellations Echoes the lover’s sentiments Soul shapes fortunes Bathing in love’s opulence There are no worries When two hearts harmonize This blessed isle Is the ultimate paradise Richness of simplicity Where two souls rejoice In love’s magnanimity© Continue reading Isle of Love