Feelings trickle down to resurrect the pious soul Humble sky bows down in gratitude Stirring breeze flows in with the heartfelt message Settles calmly in every essence of existence Profound conversation with messenger awaken hope In the heart to unfreeze pure eternal dreams Reflections gain clarity and eyes can identify truth Through the realms of elevated consciousness Solemn occasion illuminated by cosmic luminescence Happiness flows again in … Continue reading Reflection

Pursuing Happiness

Why pursue happiness that comes at a cost? An exorbitant sacrifice to acquire a piece of happiness In exchange of the original wealth of wisdom Refurbish the mind with worldly affluence A piece of happiness! Designed, embellished, delivered Sparkles like the priceless cosmic stars Short-lived moments to accommodate everyone  Blissful way of life altered by wealthy possession Seeking happiness to pervade through life When the precious … Continue reading Pursuing Happiness

Identity of Words

Dislocated words dangle feebly with excruciating pain Tattered tendons and muscles do not allow room for communication Some feelings being alienated and punished with disdain Looking at the words in agony shatters the heart of Bards An effort to apply the haphazardly collected words for therapeutic measures Twisted feelings distort the narratives with a deafening scream Lost in the meandering labyrinths are the concerted effort of pen … Continue reading Identity of Words

Morning Tale

Soul leans towards the morning embrace A haven becomes a reality, divine plan of light Golden roofs reflect scintillating aura of life Heart’s door is open to welcome cosmic blessings Boughs nod in appreciation at this wondrous display There is a glint in the eyes that inspires dreams Bridging the gap between paradise and cosmic world Gardens blossom, a gift of tranquil aroma Darkness slips through … Continue reading Morning Tale

Writing and a Writer

Intense communication in solitude gives birth to good literature.  ~Amitav As a writer, it is easy to fall into the lure of ‘likeability’. Trying to endear oneself to every mind possible, is an attempt to reach out to more readers to create an atmosphere of bonhomie between a writer and reader. There’s nothing wrong with being polite and courteous to everyone, but one should not … Continue reading Writing and a Writer


Core concept of existence is always immaculate Preserved in timelessness and changes are subtle Continuity is the lifeline with self-healing ability Through infinite dimensions of shapeshifting reality Mythical realms inspired by the cosmic awakening Boundless is life when soul surrenders to Truth Power dwells not within concrete arrogance of minds Reality eludes the seekers waylaid by expectations Spiritual disillusionment exhausts the soul and mind Trying to traverse … Continue reading Concepts


I prefer the devoted light of a simple lantern Dazzling lights with excessive brightness obfuscates vision Inspires dreams that are synthetic, induced by devious photons Dancing deliriously to change the patterns of thoughts Light of the lantern is more subtle and immerses calmly Sitting beside a lantern is meditative as its warmth has purity Walking with the lantern to the darkest part to illuminate gracefully There’s … Continue reading Lantern

Life Continues

Life never stops, even when I am motionless These profound moments allow the mind to mature In silence, I have engaged in meaningful dialogue with myself Many voices that were unheard were expressing their thoughts Soul visions the unknown dimensions to give a glimpse of life When the mind is alert and awakened during the quiescent phase The Universe’s motion and my progress in life synchronize This … Continue reading Life Continues