The Mind and Freedom

The mind is not a spool To be wounded with loose threads of disparate knowledge Assimilated from hearsay, hypotheses, and unpredictable sources The foolish mind will be entangled Trying to bind all possible real knowledge with the threads And limit the flourishing flow of true knowledge A mind that vacillates between dark abysses  Trying vehemently to propagate the memorized prejudices And finding ways to gain … Continue reading The Mind and Freedom

Knowledge and Development

Insecurity borne out of insufficient knowledge always decides in haste. The obdurate minds, emboldened by the stamp of authority consider their decision to be final and sacrosanct. Vanquishing the common desires and demands of the people, only a few assembled minds prepare the agenda. Being vain, by virtue of sparse education that fails to inspire and shape minds. There is a comprehensive ploy to encourage mediocrity … Continue reading Knowledge and Development

The Seeds

As you sow the seeds in the furrows They lay there in a comfortable position Meditating on the inner energy to grow Waiting for the divine light to penetrate The soul is the haven where light and water blend To create the most potent concoction of energy Waking the inner strength, which supine lay When the time is right, the soul wakes up To take … Continue reading The Seeds