Quietest Moments

  If not for the quietest moments The words would have escaped Surreptitious knocks on consciousness An unaware soul dreaming of missed opportunities Trying to kindle the pallor flame The world painted gloomily in mundane hues Staying away is not an escape Many perceptions create a hurdle Welcoming the words gracefully Inspiring the ink to flow with unbridled energy Silence is a guide and a … Continue reading Quietest Moments


One who knows the pulse of life Unseen hand reassures every little change When it’s time to navigate Through the stream of fluid impressions When transformed by the forces Sky scans the elements to maintain a balance Characteristic of life are dented Where chaos of information prevails Simplified knowledge seems bizarre Obdurate consciousness is a burden Fortifying the mind with ferocious dreams Competitions are lost … Continue reading Guidance

In a Journey

A heart consolidates various stories from imaginary wanderings Just above the worldly; distracted and strewn valuables require trustworthy spaces Delicately walking through nothingness before invoking celestial guidance There’s no worry of sinking in the buoyant environment Frenetic heart communicates with the soul in language of clarity This Paradise is just one of the facets of the unrealised completeness Smear the divine vermillion to purify a tired body … Continue reading In a Journey

Drop of Ink

A drop of ink mirrors profound truth. ~Amitav Sometimes, the reflection is too intense for the naked eyes. Writer’s imagination inspires every drop to carry that passion and fuel the reader’s mind with thoughts. Words are the voice of a writer; presenting a collective and cohesive image. With the idea of sincere conversation with the reader, the writer takes risks to defy common perceptions and … Continue reading Drop of Ink


Empower the words to tackle darkness Not to alienate the tranquil phase from life Inspire the interplay of Luminescence and  tenebrous moments Seek balance with your consciousness Allow the mind to awaken Realize the oscillating moments of existence Feel the pulse of life with prudence Do not simply fill blank spaces Let there be meaningful contribution Familiarize with the sensibilities of senses It’s easy to … Continue reading Empower

Look Ahead

Do not wish to challenge silence Till you have known the meaning of life Stillness bears the significance of eternity Silence is a profound language Infinite expanse of life is to be explored The mystic travels without the burden Away from cataclysmic distractions Choices are introspective The mind is never slumberous Subliminal trends guided by the soul Consolidated life’s mantra is a boon Happiness and … Continue reading Look Ahead

A Writer

A writer must be more responsible in understanding life and narrating the same in their writing to awaken and inspire minds of the readers. A writer should try to become a good friend and adviser to the readers. It takes effort to portray the reality of life in a softer tone, without unsettling sentiments. Writers will go through the travails of life and still be inspired to put their … Continue reading A Writer