Of Life and Acceptance

Happiness is in the ineffable love for everything around me Aurora divine shares myriad warmth emanating from the core of its bosom Infinite love for the infinite soul with the cadence of happy songs Talismans appear across the horizon with the designs of eternal halo Call sincerely on Nature’s grace to understand the purpose of universe Existence is harmonious flow and the ultimate surrender is … Continue reading Of Life and Acceptance

Seeing and Believing

Happiness is not in seeing, but anticipating the beautiful moment that is conceived in the soul First, the heart is enlightened and mind takes the role of a messenger who is entrusted with the honest storytelling To convince the eyes to prepare for a pristine experience, only to be filled with tears of awakening ablution It’s an ecstatic feeling absorbed by each pore; the tingling … Continue reading Seeing and Believing


In this feeling of human happiness, there is a trail of indecisive feeling It’s a hasty craftsmanship that sculpts an incoherent crown as a burden Exquisitely crafted to seduce the eyes as suspiciously cut precious stones glitter Compensating for the hollowness and unpleasurable labyrinth of insolence Laurels of this happiness appear lustreless and weigh on the distressed soul Vacant eyes aren’t dazzled by the aggrandized … Continue reading Indecisive

Far Wanderings

When you call out my solitude do you have an idea to replace it with enhanced happiness More of euphoric vitality that the soul experiences due to the solitary journeys with vibrant thoughts erasing unnecessary lethargy of discussions It’s a privilege I cannot deny the heart and soul by populating the mind with busy hum of discontent and distraction  This self is not singular, but … Continue reading Far Wanderings

Hopeful Solitude

Stuttering solitude stares through the brushed panes Night’s child eagerly wishes to feel the innocence of light Azure facade burnished with divine essence of consciousness Pure heart attempts to look beyond the doors of worldly dreams Lingering cadence permeates through softness of firmament Cold feet and hands want to embrace the first rays  Soul reflects the coolness of nacre through resplendent aura Wakes up life … Continue reading Hopeful Solitude

Beautiful Time

Playful truant lights dodge the effort of twilight sentiments Wants to prance around for a little bit more before bedtime Lure of hypnotic song and warm embrace to cradle nightlong Engrossed lights want to delay the homeward journey Aura of delight engages with birds and trees Hint of mischevious sparkle of beautiful souls mystify the water Tranquillity painted in hues of pure gold Yearnings of … Continue reading Beautiful Time

Simple Luxury

There is no luxury in looking at a sluggish clock Mechanically keeping time of life Soul does not desire to wake up to illusionary hurriedness Chance meetings with the Self and unfinished communications Mirrors too have been created to reflect false perceptions Where am I? Waiting for the simple, serene, and sentimental moments Forgotten desires nudge the mind  Creativity maintains the sanity of existence As long … Continue reading Simple Luxury


It is impossible to gauge every facet of a relationship There are some folded and preferably unknown angles  From where light does not reflect but absorbed all the time Edges of a relationship are rarely levelled with consent Initial euphoria illuminates the world and mesmerise the souls Eyes sparkle with the magical twinkling of love’s colour Does that initial friendship forget about the nondescript bends? Sweet madness of … Continue reading Relationship