Pulling away the thoughts towards a dreary reality Sobbing like a child; their whimper does not move a stone Learning to be sick from being away from the dwelling Unwillingly exiled to an insensitive world Thoughts never had the appetite for this cruelty Now, they will be shamed for their honesty and allegiance Numerous games are played to actively displace them Language frets over the … Continue reading Homesickness

Adverse Time

Time has hollowed the place Some of the faces come forward Eager to narrate the past Mostly, hearsay Stretching back in time To retrieve graceful stories Breathing life again   In the memories of a region Echoes are feeble Striking against each other From dilapidated walls Antiquated journeys and struggles Prodding the fragmented remains If they were to speak In a bygone language Ears would … Continue reading Adverse Time


Life’s moments deprived of love Abandoned among harsh feelings and ridicule Constant remonstrance acts as sandpaper Abrasive collision tarnishes the smooth surfaces Life is depraved and dryness becomes unbearable Little thorns adorn the branches of Life Even little movements cause the skin to bleed An admonishing soul finds fault with Life itself Accusing every day of being cruel to existence It is not Life’s fault but … Continue reading Moments