Who Knew

It appeared to be a flimsy partition Eyes were curious, neck twitched, and the head decided to peek through It was a buffooning moment, almost devastatingly dense territory A mistaken choice to plunge the head into a viscous reality Who creates these ultimate illusions? Diabolical bastards of a vicious world Eyes stuck now, trying too desperately, neck can’t swivel- no sense of direction Mouth is … Continue reading Who Knew


Errant, but entertaining, even egregious, evokes entropy Entirely endowed with extravagant, energetic, and envious emulation Elated, evasive about ethical enunciation is an excruciating eulogy Effusion; a hasty escape with expectations of enthralling end ~Amitav Continue reading Easy

Rapid Ascent

Running up the stairs have lessened now Higher and higher dreams have reached Wielding the fingertips to decide Laconic wait within the moving cabin Feels, it has been rehearsed repeatedly Get the feel of redacted rhetoric Whoever can enter the furbished chamber Depends on new found confidence Carefully cultivated language Too early to deny the astounded eyes Dreams that have been polished To reflect the … Continue reading Rapid Ascent