Closer to the Truth

It all started with a strange debate when languages were unborn Incoherent signs, but symbolism etched here and there Who’ll verify? The truth about The Truth, or Truth on a pedestal “Dreams can pull you towards the right direction”, it’s believed, but how much do we know When reality spoils the dreams, like an egomaniac on the prowl I can paint a symbol, later, may … Continue reading Closer to the Truth

Unsettling For Reality

Unsettled and unresolved ages ago, they come to haunt again An apparition captures the entire consciousness- it is a surrender Not willingly; a power that is difficult to defeat and deny Feigned consciousness, the arrogance to deal with the changes Creates a vulnerable space through which the forces enter Such a wretched environment created from the fatal procession Nature begins to wilt- once that was … Continue reading Unsettling For Reality

It Stays Longer

A traitorous season stays Dysfunctional, but clearly, that’s the choice Delusional rage over truth spelt out for the first time It takes time to sink in through asphalt paths Truth is more likely to be trampled Faustian values survive without being fed Being in hibernation in underground labyrinths Spewing the poisons of fatal darkness Truth is lame or being maimed Stoking the spirit of hatred … Continue reading It Stays Longer

We Shape our Future

We aren’t safe behind walls, but we are safer if we trust each other and accept the differences. Storytelling can help all the voices to contribute to humanity’s story. We can all listen and understand our purpose to become aware. The fact that we emphasize the differences and colour them with our illogical perceptions is an impediment to building a bridge to connect different thoughts. … Continue reading We Shape our Future


The relentless occurrences of hatred tell a lot about the choices that humans prefer. The arrogance, aggressiveness, anarchist attitude, and apathy towards fellow human beings contribute to the bankruptcy of common sense. When the mind is starved of the senses for a long time, it can be nourished with the ideas of hatred and destruction. The enthusiasm with which the beauty of existence spirals down … Continue reading Unfortunate

Contrary Perceptions

It’s difficult to focus away from the lament and appreciate the verses Whether it is dislike, disenchantment, and delusional aversion, is debated in every age Truth is unbearable; chronicling the temperamental world’s deviations Not all of them have the same background, but the prevalent contempt cannot be erased Symmetrical, ungainly, and even preposterous sometimes can still speak the truth Drafts of a craft, when it … Continue reading Contrary Perceptions


Slaying those feeling out of hatred from ignorance Incapable of climbing the ladder and reaching for remote feelings Cradling the emotions of truth, waiting to be discovered In every crevice and depth they hibernate, waiting for the curious eyes  To find and befriend them without threatening their existence Unfortunate, so many feelings becoming rare from unrefined behaviour Inciting jealousy and vulgarity to wreck the sanctity of … Continue reading Miserable

Uneasy Silence

Silence may not be the best ever disguise For those who adopt this with uneasiness Scornful eyes speak in harshest language Indifferent to any possible conversation As vicious colour of paleness afflicts heart Cracking knuckles yells profanity Nervousness within speaks obdurately Fear lurking behind a frail demeanour Not all silence is competent strategist Animosity is a formidable enemy Weakening the physical passion Savage provocateur erects … Continue reading Uneasy Silence