If it’s a Desire

You can hate me if  your soul so desires Still you will be in my prayers for being true to yourself  I am just a figment of your misshapen dream; erase the illusion, enmity will be gone Peacefully you can retire in tranquil abode Keep an eye on the journey ahead with less burdensome thoughts  ~Amitav  Continue reading If it’s a Desire

Direction and Purpose

Roads do not lead to destinations anymore Interferes with journey as they abruptly cut across With the swash of a lethal sword severing the purpose Within, there’s the jangle- outside reality in a duel with resilient mind Paths of extreme delirium stumble upon each other  Winding, straight, neglected, and even the reclusive roads  Busy ones are abused and obey the fate even after being pulverized Pensive faces … Continue reading Direction and Purpose