Misty Splendour

Heart’s willing to respond to the calls of the night mystically misty Who beckons? It’s not clear from the haziness, but the soul is thirsty To feel again the obscureness and playfully seek the long-forgotten feeling Wait for the unrisen ones to understand the soul’s plea for life’s healing On cannot be indifferent to the indistinct time at this hour of calling Time to compose … Continue reading Misty Splendour


Is it not foolish to miss the grimace on everything that has been around? A bitter haziness from the frosty breaths of sinister gatherings makes the heart jittery Whoever would have thought of the disguised hands to go scot-free after the misdeeds Silly communications around debauched companies where senses are mortgaged Look up, look away, look pervertedly; all of them give away the intentions Regrets … Continue reading Impassive


Words fail to reach the precincts of some emotions Only a soul is the Empire of an inexplicable void Chaos behind closed eyes Waiting for an Angel to allay the fear of languorous visions  Hugging a shadow in belief to resolve the duality Vast reality is intriguing when shrouded in gray mist Eternity suspended in a cosmic balance Numerous images photographed by nervous eyes Waiting … Continue reading Anonymity