Of True Love

True love cannot be wrapped in any adage Without being cloaked in anonymity and a mask There’s never a barrier of expectations between Two pure souls draped in Divine habiliments Without any word being spoken there is consent Love that inspires the happy feelings to flow Infusing the entire existence with vibrancy Hearts radiate the world with eternal happiness Love declares the union of two … Continue reading Of True Love

Classical Love

Ink traces the path leading to true love Eloquently flows the feelings, towards a heart Eyes shy away with initial reluctance Only to be mesmerized by the truthful admiration Every line wraps around the lissome beauty Feelings have woven the gorgeous dress Standing there in elegance for the lover to behold Classical feelings become a reality with love An elixir that flows through eternity Paradise … Continue reading Classical Love

If it’s Love

Today, exists the pale shadow of love Where lights have dimmed in the hearts It’s become an easy utterance much too often Love has lost its interpretation and meaning Easy to fall out of love without a commitment Love is not the thirst for lust, but an essence A word used too often but a misunderstood feeling Detached love for hearts that compromise Easier to … Continue reading If it’s Love

Isle of Love

The soft murmurs of love Audible to the eager hearts Love flows around the isle Where two lovers reside Away from speculations Night skies shine brighter Luminous constellations Echoes the lover’s sentiments Soul shapes fortunes Bathing in love’s opulence There are no worries When two hearts harmonize This blessed isle Is the ultimate paradise Richness of simplicity Where two souls rejoice In love’s magnanimity© Continue reading Isle of Love

The Saga of Love

Inside the maze of definitions and fabrications Real love wanders alone in unknown alleys As many temptations can be devised carefully Many hearts fall for the silhouette of love Painted a world full of hopes and expectations Soon the walls show the cracks and colors fade away Each day becomes an endless labor to survive Trying to save the colors and gathering the peels Walls … Continue reading The Saga of Love

Meaning of Silence

Sometimes voices fall silent And words become alien May be your desire to express The compelling feelings Cannot be conveyed through words Sometimes silence can be deafening Urging the heart to reach out And knock on the silent world Or you can try listening cloesly And decipher the essence of silence Walk through the maze To find the hidden feelings They are true and willing … Continue reading Meaning of Silence