Lingering Chaos

There is a certain degree of honesty that cannot be repressed when it involves something controversial. That controversy may arise from cumulative negative behaviour. Curiosity about the controversial characters and their deeds become fodder for the minds. The best part about these controversies is that they can be chewed upon longer. Negativity is extremely resilient and supposedly has the secret juice to keep the minds … Continue reading Lingering Chaos

When Thoughts are Determined

It requires a self-determined mind to cultivate your thoughts, only that is your own, which is not affected by biases. When it is time to consolidate your thoughts, do not give on to the immense pressure of diluting the individuality with majoritarianism. It is foolishness to feel privileged in an environment that changes every millisecond. The particles which compose a thought are unique in that … Continue reading When Thoughts are Determined

Unfolding Drama

Men strut around with ignorance like a fine plumage Learn some fancy language by repeating and memorising When cities are full of unreal dreams; lights severely truncated Dialogues curated by the adorable and stupid minds Since everyone starts to loiter around the same premises From there starts a synchronised march of the crowded mess Tinkering along the way with individuals like a game of chess … Continue reading Unfolding Drama

Uncertain Affability

Unhealthy bonhomie arises from depths of paranoia Unexpected changes stir the stale ideologies  In a cauldron, settled for too long, with brackish taste of woes One who holds the friendly fire to evaporate them Is perceived to be an uninvited nemesis Psyche shrouded in mediocrity spells every thought erroneously Narrations from the devil’s book sounds alluring Promising thrills and ecstatic incentives to gyrate the mind … Continue reading Uncertain Affability

To Blend

Inadvertently blending with the rush to contribute to the chaos Creating another faint trail to weave a pattern in multitude of designs Memorabilia of already existing ones are either glorified or despised Everyone wishes to choose dreams that comfort the soul Yet, the saturated clouds of ideologies stalk original desires Theoretical predators push aside sentiments to impregnate the mind With alternative thoughts easily identifiable with … Continue reading To Blend

Invited Loneliness

Amidst all the experiences you may be far away from yourself Once lured by the remodelled heart full of temptations The fantasised words and grand illusion painted on every canvas Now the same memorabilia and graffiti’s stare impishly It’s a sordid feeling for a rebel to face the revolt of those incidents So deeply entrenched, not even tears can expunge or dilute the pain Frivolous narrations … Continue reading Invited Loneliness


Aye! The words of a recluse are not significant There are copious amounts of baloney to satiate the mind Fractured moments are highlighted for inspiration Ignorance penned to praise the unworthy accomplishments Relationships are casualties  Self-destruction and victimization of life are humanity’s life-cycle A parallel loop emanated from the core of perversion Lies are ironed out to blend seamlessly with every communication Senses are swindled to believe … Continue reading Unworthy