A Desired Journey

Without the allusions, the words will carry clarity Steered away from the wooden expressions which were engraved Lacquered to provide a glossy finish to uncertain feelings Here, feelings will flow freely without the subservient attitude Narrated from the soul, unadulterated knowledge will illumine the world From solitude and stillness stirs the most profound realizations of life Revealing the magnificence of the Universe in the simplest language … Continue reading A Desired Journey

Treasured Thoughts

Trying to reason with unsettled thoughts They have been creating a ruckus in the head Vying for attention, they all try to rush in Looking for leisure to listen to them attentively Rendezvous with thoughts opens up a new world Each representing world within worlds  Brilliant ambassadors conveying new perspectives They are all welcomed with utmost humility Every conversation is like talking to the Universe … Continue reading Treasured Thoughts