The Fading Horizon

The undulating horizon is ready to fold itself Settle between the approaching darkness and taper off like the flame of a magic lamp Streaks of otherworldly light add some mysterious glow to eventide There could be the celestial eyes peeping through the intricately designed calligraphic signs Eyes try deciphering the ancient texts that appear just before the day is about to retire At this hour of … Continue reading The Fading Horizon

A Passage

Mind may not ascend towards a sky that looks uncluttered Freedom is always a dream perceived through constricted worldly pursuits Mountains of expectations; oh, so unshakeable Moving them aside with determination and eternal prayers Is considered a pilgrimage for the soul- where dreams are crystal clear Levitating those thoughts through sheer power of existence The horizon is impressed and bows down to construct a bridge … Continue reading A Passage


Plunging skylines of the city wishes for a peaceful rendezvous Ambitious feelings wish to penetrate the tranquility of sky Unnecessarily stirring the placid scenery of Universe’s design Frolicking winds face interruptions and stern admonitions Wings of messengers contemplate a different route to journey Meanderings bring exhaustion to the energetic souls Flickering lights filter the monotones to create lethargic moments Greetings of the dark lack passion … Continue reading Skylines

Light Saga

Demure lights playing hide-and-seek, quietly enjoying the moment Ticklish birds preen lazily before flying away towards night’s abode Sprinkled golden glitters cheekily prance around the subtle ripples Tantalising sky emulate the Sun’s magical expressions across the horizon A river of emotions of cosmic world is visible at this confluence Waiting for dusk to settle down for a brief pause before night arrives It’s an experience narrated by … Continue reading Light Saga

The Horizon

The horizon, a glimpse of another world A sight that intrigues the solitary seeker Create a bridge with imagination Enhance your perception to reveal the secret What’s preserved beyond visible? Let your instinct be the compass in this journey To travel the farthest, consult your soul Follow the trajectory of the universe With fewer distractions, mind acquires clarity A journey to explore many horizons  For … Continue reading The Horizon

Through the Labyrinth

Through the labyrinth Of interconnectedness Flowing through The arterial branches Across the sea Of turbulence Trying to find semblance To corroborate The individual presence Attached to the core Life beats with rhythm It takes time To maneuver through The depths of obscurity Toward oblivion An unknown maze Mind knows all An old soul Looking to adapt To the new light New horizons Await the braveheart … Continue reading Through the Labyrinth