Through The Window

It is not always that one has to stand near the window to keep an eye on the world Even when barely open, the world just rushes in with scattered voices of stresses The dialogues may only be partially translated, but the sentiments seem to create a stir The window has to adjust its opening and allow the other half of the dialogues to let … Continue reading Through The Window


How many windows would you settle for in a house? Whether they are open or closed, will speak of the weather and prevailing mood Would it be too distracting for the neighbourhood when light escapes through them? Distracting the passersby, when their eyes wish to see the road ahead clearly Hope, a house with many windows do not become a mysterious legend Perspectives change too; … Continue reading Windows


When the house is a stranger The doors are unwilling to allow a visitor Windows speak of woes; that frosty feeling all over It does not keep away trespassers Foul intentions to peek and invade Ransack like maniacs, the strangers within are aloof Walls shudder and the rooms feel violated Strangers meet strangers, ready for a tussle Emotions have already been plundered Now profanities do … Continue reading Strangers

The House

Do you allow the house to rest before you wish to rest for the night? The house is around you; within, you would like to dwell with decorated ideas Light depends on what you have chosen- the hues of your mood reflected on walls Shadows whispering the pensive thoughts; ears lamenting the nocturnal clamour Alone, the heart pulsates with melancholic feelings but yearns for some pardon A … Continue reading The House