Of Paradise

Why treat Earth as an alien land? Our darkest thoughts stifle the benevolent nature Without examining ourselves, incomprehensible we follow Efflux of negativity adulterates the source of Life Our vision tinted and askew fails to visualize its Soul Thoughts shrouded in perpetual doubt manifests purposelessness We never realize that happiness, a feeling, went adrift for long How do we dream of creating a humane goodwill? Not … Continue reading Of Paradise


Identity, busy with daily errand Trying to balance feelings between twin lives Incorporated lifestyle with routine itinerary Swift change in moods to match identities One yearns for solitude, another, the exuberance Within, there are no silent spaces Anecdotes become jumbled narratives One life is painted in contrasting colours Inner silence has retreated to an unknown space A name replaced with token identities Wondering, the legitimacy … Continue reading Identities

World Together

Physically travelling across continents Should be an eye-opener By meeting people of diverse cultures Food becomes a reason to bond Simple to exotic cuisines Different and beautiful terrains Mountains, valleys, and wildernesses Deep gorges and feisty waterways Rustic pathways to classical boulevards Finest manicured lawns to simple kitchen gardens Palatial suites to the rustic warmth of families Genuine love and affection Somewhere, borders divide the … Continue reading World Together

Perfidious Intentions

Of all the tussles in the world Most strenuous is the tussle with oneself Leaves you vulnerable and bare An invitation to the perfidious ones to exploit Your paradise left at the mercy of lies Every drop, corroding away the foundation of trust You will be put on a pedestal of judgments More fabricated stories will ruin your reputation Like wild fire getting a new … Continue reading Perfidious Intentions

Mirrored Reality

Mirrors are the Window to the Soul And windows are Mirror to the world Every image A mere reflection Of our perception Reality may escape Lies entrapped Extra grandeur Adds to the sheen Colorful veneers The world’s underbelly Runs parallel With sinister stories Hidden by fabrications So many cover-ups Eyes blinded By the bright lights Pieces of paper Wields more power Compared to Human resilience … Continue reading Mirrored Reality

Beyond Languages

Languages evolved and went through so many transformations and developments throughout history. It keeps on developing, with the addition of many new words gaining popularity during that age. Along the way we discard many words, they become redundant and finally drops off the pages of dictionaries. With these, there are changes in grammatical rules and some earlier unacceptable words and rules become the norm. How … Continue reading Beyond Languages