Trying to Learn

I do not have the luxury to not learn  While walking on thin ice after I drill the last full stop Whether I am willing to survive the deep chilling waters Of darkness, a void created by the lack of sincere words To holler, with passion, about the turbulent emotions The world may not come rushing, but a lonely hand can be a saviour What’s … Continue reading Trying to Learn

Which Direction?

Sinister thoughts can mysteriously bend life towards a sorrowful direction Without counting the days and their uniqueness, the seasons too will pass Considering their fate to follow the rhythm of the celestial route  A journey from morn to night with eyes of the soul being blindfolded Only listen to the cheer, jeer, and subliminal fear; the chants become feverish Chances are, all are wayfarers, who … Continue reading Which Direction?


There is no pure reason, but only reasonable reason. This inability comes from the rigorous tutelage that impedes the individual from seeking courage to find the true reasons to quieten the garrulousness and unreasonable demands. Knowledge and humility is not an entitlement; one cannot use lack of understanding and inefficient communicating skill to reason irrationally. Read something that enlightens your imagination and gives you the … Continue reading Reason


Can modesty be for real when the world is perceived to be in a surreal effervescence When despair distorts the aesthetics of thoughts and dilutes the judgment of character Artistic candour creates a tense moment; also thought to be an unnecessary eroticism Demands for little prudence as the world gathers to crowd the piece with expletives But the artistic choices have been deliberate and the … Continue reading Speculations


Prodigal thoughts lure creativity to unexplored realms  Through many nomadic travels in solitude, in search of inimitable flair To seek immortal treasures Nurture them with unprecedented energy and sensibilities to speak eternally Such wanderings isn’t vainglorious, but do not succumb to ignominious taunts Intoxicating aspirations; not delirium, but euphoric realisation of treasures The armour of indefatigable consciousness and jubilation of fertile verses Sun may recline … Continue reading Creativeness

Choices are Difficult

If it is jealousy toward wisdom, think again, to recalibrate the perception Unwind the tightly wound thoughts stifling the sincere breathing of a mind It is as much consciousness one is destined to experience who can be free From prejudices and visions through distorted prisms, the askew world One who knows willfully initiates a pristine flow of universe’s truth Surrender, if the inhibitions and fear … Continue reading Choices are Difficult


One who knows the pulse of life Unseen hand reassures every little change When it’s time to navigate Through the stream of fluid impressions When transformed by the forces Sky scans the elements to maintain a balance Characteristic of life are dented Where chaos of information prevails Simplified knowledge seems bizarre Obdurate consciousness is a burden Fortifying the mind with ferocious dreams Competitions are lost … Continue reading Guidance

Pursuing Happiness

Why pursue happiness that comes at a cost? An exorbitant sacrifice to acquire a piece of happiness In exchange of the original wealth of wisdom Refurbish the mind with worldly affluence A piece of happiness! Designed, embellished, delivered Sparkles like the priceless cosmic stars Short-lived moments to accommodate everyone  Blissful way of life altered by wealthy possession Seeking happiness to pervade through life When the precious … Continue reading Pursuing Happiness

Identity of Words

Dislocated words dangle feebly with excruciating pain Tattered tendons and muscles do not allow room for communication Some feelings being alienated and punished with disdain Looking at the words in agony shatters the heart of Bards An effort to apply the haphazardly collected words for therapeutic measures Twisted feelings distort the narratives with a deafening scream Lost in the meandering labyrinths are the concerted effort of pen … Continue reading Identity of Words