The Creative Dilemma

Most of the times, one invites the wrath of the writer’s ego, by advising, ‘when to write’ or ‘how much to write’. Certainly, at such times the adviser or the distinguished well-wisher is at the receiving end and is met with a dignified and profound scorn. Writer’s literary etiquette prevents any further reaction. Creative ideas strike quite frequently, and sometimes, at inopportune moments. It is … Continue reading The Creative Dilemma

Exciting World of Social Media

As an individual, how well are you prepared to stand up against the onslaught of popular trends in society, which may not be acceptable to you? Do you find it irresistible to join the bandwagon, fearing that you will be seen as a spoilsport or an antagonist? The above two questions are quite relevant because I have felt that individuals design their life according to … Continue reading Exciting World of Social Media