It Happens, Eventually

Clever eyes, clandestine eyes, crude eyes, and curt eyes With all their passions, focus on the peaceful gait of life Poor light, peevish days, and the stealthy pandemonium Hoarse calls to destabilise the half-conscious flow of life A dilettante’s explanation of the nature of existence Feeble fonts are written frantically with the frail hands A space too wide to monitor and even comprehend Enemies emerge … Continue reading It Happens, Eventually

Unusual Breakfast

Imagination is spread across in a thin layer Blank page resembles a burnt toast Freshly popped out of the overheating toaster Now the thin layer of imagination melts away Trying to scoop dollops of words to apply To soothe the burning sensation with feelings There, the unwanted feelings are brewing Boiling with rage over the flame of intense debate Nothing seems to be pairing off today … Continue reading Unusual Breakfast