Only if those obsessions with the relentless illusions would stop Always a grand falsehood, but nothing to hold them together Insanity of a habitual nature that shaped the sphere of chaos Of burden, fear, vengeance, illicit feelings, actions deplorable Before love can flourish, emotions can try searching for the souls Rushes in the evils of rogue sentiments approved by a sinister world Tender mornings feel … Continue reading Obsession


Do you anticipate an expression(s) or is it that your actions trigger a string of reactions which could be the antithesis of your positioned thoughts. How closely one can read faces and their expressions depend on the uncountable times the facial contours change at a given moment. You may look ridiculous while concentrating on the uninterested faces of passersby, who only care to sneer at … Continue reading Anticipation

Feelings stop Flowing

When feelings stop flowing Scarcity etches deep fissures Exposing the parched territories Shallow beds of life suffer silently Contours of melancholy are evident Lips dry up- unable to speak Feelings curled up in a dry lump Caught in the throat Chokes the speeches on their track Tender lushness missing from life Journey brushes along the thorns Lacerating the skin with every step© Continue reading Feelings stop Flowing