Misty Splendour

Heart’s willing to respond to the calls of the night mystically misty Who beckons? It’s not clear from the haziness, but the soul is thirsty To feel again the obscureness and playfully seek the long-forgotten feeling Wait for the unrisen ones to understand the soul’s plea for life’s healing On cannot be indifferent to the indistinct time at this hour of calling Time to compose … Continue reading Misty Splendour

Hymn of Life

Deeply rooted, entwined with the expansive ecosystem It gets the strength to stand upright and reach for the skies Even when darkness engulfs the boughs and leaves go to slumber At eventide, there is this greater significance to introspect in solitude Communicate with the roots to prevail through uncertain times Underground is invaded by profound travelers to seek knowledge Splitting the ground and fracturing rocks, paving … Continue reading Hymn of Life

The Enchanting Pen

The pen that holds the magic ink Infusing life to dreams of the Soul Words sprinkled with secret mantra Profound hymns will flow with elegance Mind is a tireless traveler Wandering far and to unknown destinations Collecting the untold stories Eyes of the traveler look for inspiration Even in the rocks and arduous terrains In rendezvous with the silent world Listening to stories that are … Continue reading The Enchanting Pen

Inviting the Dawn

The solemn night retreats slowly Folding the sheets of silence and gloom Revealing the grandeur of dawn Sublime beauty is the blush of morn Crimson light swathe the glistening contours Solemn places, now awake with splendor The landscape adorned with infiniteness of love Souls awaken with tender kisses of morning light It’s an embrace to ensure the early dweller Heart is enthralled by the reverberating divine … Continue reading Inviting the Dawn

Morning Melody

The poet listens carefully to the morning melody Waking up after a brief slumber filled with dreams Tryst with the moonlight, bathing in the milky light He descended on the dreamland of many miles Sweetly played the divine tunes like dripping honey A melody never heard before in the daily world Soon the morning came to awaken the resplendent soul Transforming the dreamland with its … Continue reading Morning Melody