Fate of Creativity

Creativity is personal, mostly, a solitary journey to create a narrative from some ideas. This intrinsic experience is then presented to the world where many curious eyes try to interpret them. It is true, they will be misinterpreted and sometimes even left unattended because of the strong emotions they manage to stir. Creativity is continuity! There is a special relationship with this journey; it can … Continue reading Fate of Creativity

Salient Communications

Does communication have any philosophy or we communicate just to express our need to be heard? Usually, the narratives in society are like a long chain of words woven with various feelings that emerged from different situations. Situations actually act as a stimulus to gather appropriate words conveying our feelings to the best of our ability, based on our cognitive ability to comprehend a situation. … Continue reading Salient Communications


How horrible the page would look with all the scribbles Never been turned, but always ideas jotted down with fresh ink Ideas may be stale or fresh, they intermingle uncomfortably Not out of harmonious feelings; lazy fingers didn’t want to work Even the fresh ink becomes stale and curdles along with the old Reeking of confusion and drawing the epitome of laziness One who can … Continue reading Unease


Sometimes you conspire and combine to replicate an idea  With the idea of strengthening its voice, but the inevitable happens And diminishes its relevance after being diluted with vacuous and pompous words Realisation, that ideas are not conveyed by words alone Intentions determine their values; without a destination and staying without expectations The foundation of relationship with creativity does not happen with sentences Or, with … Continue reading Affectations

Some Ideas

Some ideas are just silhouettes Where imagination blends with light To play at a different level and wavelength It’s a magical souvenir As the eyes seek coherence From the realm of isolation  Here, communicating with light Darkness is the perfect canvas Now that they are conceived Allow them to play with your senses Dancing with the silhouettes You do not realize you could move Freely, … Continue reading Some Ideas


Languages seem similar, the room filled with different minds Choosing to continue with a narrative that’s been started by peers High pitched voices create the most extravagant drama There’s  certainly a camaraderie It lacks the clarity though, on a checkered canvas the imageries are similar- vague Patchwork of an ecosystem struggles to expand further All the important thoughts are considered miscellanies May find some comfort … Continue reading Familiarity

Being There

It’s upsetting for the eyes  Getting acquainted with feeble ideas Blank pages subjected to such plight Feelings caricatured and emulated Climbing in social hierarchy Unscholarly, and rather puerile Chosen by vacuous eyes Adorning the perceived revered spaces Nothing, but colorful graffiti Meagre pride earned Achievements and adulations Brunt cushioned by virtuous pages Exaggerations plenty Even ears refuse the recitations ~Amitav Continue reading Being There

Speaking of Courage

There is no compulsion to accept the lessened reality Spare some time for the mind to use wisdom and decide Unlikely, someone else’s truth actually reflect conviction Freedom is beneficial for the soul to prosper in eternity Depreciated realities form plateaus of insipid existence Imagining without being influenced in always fearless Even the remembrances shine with natural facets A real botheration to engage with fatigued … Continue reading Speaking of Courage