Observing from a Distance

Someone who is essentially tired of the thoughts that float around has to decide on staying back. Allowing them to flow otherwise, because there is no mechanism to create a colossal obstruction to stop their progress. The only and possible thing is to withdraw the mind from the tremendous flow and devastating undercurrent. It is intriguing that such incessant flow of regressive thoughts are not … Continue reading Observing from a Distance

Cannot be Traced

The thoughts may seem to be disconnected from the antecedent Only the language has been carried still, to explain the experiences The reasons can be relevant partially There are no symptoms of thoughtlessness to have occurred When the subconscious train of thought was forced to detach Their residues have been somewhere along the way Numerous impressions along the journey collect them Constitution of thoughts are … Continue reading Cannot be Traced

Not in Rhythm

Veiled innocence; listen to some of the scandalous arguments The definitions of fame are being defamed by some stupid conspiracies  That fellow named jealousy walks in to befriend the gullible Infernal tongue dribbles slanderous languages convincingly Stares become lecherous at the instigation of some objectified ideology An aubade sounds unpoetic when the language has been tampered with Ogres disguised as innocent faces unsettle the rhythm … Continue reading Not in Rhythm

Incoherent Principles

The passionate speeches are somehow discriminating the real sentiments. It seems superficiality is a concerted effort of dubious minds to propagate new ideologies. There is a new sense of satisfaction and delight in twirling the ideas into an interlaced design of a contrary language. They do not sound extreme for being well-disguised with entertaining episodes to excite the minds. It’s a voyeuristic scrutiny of minds … Continue reading Incoherent Principles

Eerie Truth

Palpable nonchalance while identifying the mind behind an ideology There is a lazy impulse to pick up the easily available justifications Even if it is rejected, the mind that created this dogma hold on to excuses Just extolling the beliefs without any consideration of accepting the fault Such indistinct ideas gather momentum and credence among multitude The stink of brazen behaviour becomes unbearable for the … Continue reading Eerie Truth


The heart loves some playfulness  Seeking some magical moments Bipartisan views and ambivalence Hiding behind any ideology A quick escape from reason Entirety forcibly split into two Good enough to hoodwink? Shadows of both create a shade Giving off a rare reflection Illuminated obscurity haunts Profane moments of existence Little friskiness becomes trouble Frolicking moments of failure ~Amitav Continue reading Dichotomy

Another Change

Chaff dialogues, consciousness compromised by ultra modern ideologies There aren’t rooms available to manoeuvre the profound thoughts anymore Claustrophobic minds and hypersensitive attitude upset the true rhythm Symptoms are identified by mala fide intentions to initiate an ailment When life is simple and healthy, there is unnecessary worry about existence Until the strings of thoughts are frayed and curled up limpidly Worthless ideas invade the … Continue reading Another Change


The flurry of movements Each step birthing a frenzy to lure consciousness Chemical imbalances and declining feelings It is euphoric to witness the crazy enthusiasm Heads swaying to exploding tunes of acrimony Torrential ideologies dim the natural senses Stern algorithms creates a parallel world  Willingly entering into an alternate reality Education has become counter-intuitive Vitriolic comments drip from poisonous tongue Exposing the savagery that still … Continue reading Movement


Unsettling thoughts consume the mind  Begins with submission to follow or a choice to be alone Weaknesses rattle the constitution Sleight of minds permeates contemptuous sentiments Unjust beliefs weigh on minds  Death of consciousness wipes away the true purpose Betrayed feelings retreat to an oblivious space Emerges the lifecycle of repentance and melancholic feelings Tears do not have the force to wash away fears One … Continue reading Disregard