That Curiosity

When there is a chance to peep into someone’s life The eyes chance upon details deliberately Chances are, they eyes are behind an extremely voyeuristic spyglass Closer, feigning ignorance, start playing on the consciousness That oblivious know it all, after all, a lot has been absorbed Without the conscious knowledge of that someone who was afar Filthy curiosity cannot remain inactive; smears the communication With … Continue reading That Curiosity


Of Horatian satire, the summons of common follies  Transforming into something more sinister Shrill, and extremely adamantine desires; often lethal criticisms From the extravagantly erring spirits- torching those intellectual fodder Wit is misunderstood in times of anti-intellectualism Morality pranks- yes, that’s the idea of depreciating celebrations Too many citrus fruits borne by the laborious efforts of futility Aggrieved tongue; and even the jaundiced thoughts aren’t … Continue reading Aggrieved

More than Enough

One who is vehemently disinterested, but immensely conscious More than enough to pick up the clues of ignorance and small time gains Trying many definitions of disruptions; this world brushing aside too many emotions It takes dexterity of the mind to be around and recognise those traits Translate them to profound words and slay the chaotic ideologies One can take that pen and spill that … Continue reading More than Enough


Doubt lurks in the conspired darkness Furtive looks scan the perimeter of ignorance Weakened digits incapable of counting infinity Abrased mind do not possess the elasticity- To be unprejudiced and energetic to seek beyond Toes curl up and dig into the ground Trying to find some balance and dignity to stand Wrapped in the suffocating bubble of egotism Intellect cramped for space and banished There … Continue reading Doubts