During Idleness The World Wonders

Those who use profanities against idleness Are seriously unaware of the beauty of the thoughtful moments When the world slows dows along with your being There is a rare harmony that gladdens the soul Not being surrounded by the compulsions of a busy world It is a triumph, a daring act, to withdraw Even the day mellows down and the air feels tranquil In an … Continue reading During Idleness The World Wonders

Perplexing Nature

Do you essay to allay the fears that have been accumulating like a cloud Inner joys under the shadows of some ominous nature conspiring  In earnest, to smudge the silver linings with hues of stubborn grey Myriad patterns are traced across the flowers, leaves, and mountains From the baffling times from unknown empires; perhaps, they are rising Nature’s fragrances idle across the valleys, but the … Continue reading Perplexing Nature

Not so Idle Evening

Fractured rays through the timid window bring the melancholy of evening When it lays at my feet, trying to translate the sinking feeling at this tired hour Earth needs to rest here after a long discourse from unnecessary talk Sitting here, trying to smell the aroma of the calm evening from some untouched corner The light play truant while passing through the cracked patterns of an … Continue reading Not so Idle Evening


The perspectives of a busy world dislike the aesthetics of wasting time   It’s these introspective times when soul levitates away from the abysses   How soulful the soul feels depend on the creative ways of avoiding time   A lifestyle in contrast to the big cities that shouts freedom in disarray   Conformity feels devastated because someone stood up to their arrogance   The … Continue reading Perspectives

Unfamiliar Day

The day’s wrapped up in unfamiliar thoughts There’s not enough freedom to manoeuvre and seek the scattered feelings Some strange whispers from the dark foliage; echoes of unheard voices Little inclination to branch out and reach for this moment Lunar mood still prevails across the slumberous day The little spark within fails to brighten the unlit contours Wishing for a powerful charm of the universe … Continue reading Unfamiliar Day