How many times do you inquire about yourself? It does take courage to question the perceptions, beliefs, and to change. The natural changes are more difficult to understand compared to the ones that are forced on us. A mind is prepared for a lifelong reality of facing such induced changes. It restricts the inner philosophies from exploring the natural flow of life. All that courage … Continue reading Knowing


Playful stars pray that sleep is stolen from the night traveler Infinite opportunities to talk to distant realities Once thought to be dreams, the sleepy eyes could not decipher much Busy shaking off the inhibitions and preparing for an idle vigil Through those unseen layers; revealing moments in delightful visions World in eternal bloom, allow cosmic fragrances to entrance the senses Eyes guide the soul … Continue reading Nighttime

Answer in Echoes

Delicate light taper off after an eventful day When Earth came to life from celestial conception Life unraveled the purpose of first light Dreams awaken from deep stillness Surge of consciousness creates a new course Kernels of life pulsate with cosmic energy It’s delight in freedom to seek purpose  Furrows of darkness remain fallow Youthful times and passage eternal  That flame will always enlighten  Silence … Continue reading Answer in Echoes


If there was uninterrupted silence And Time never was woken up by alluring illusion Every moment a new experience Without bridging past, present, and future Walking among the clouds Light feet and resonance of eternity in soul Miracles sprinkled by Spirit of sleep Ageless and timeless transition Bright nucleus of life reflecting in the eyes Holding precious energy in each grain Sole interpretation of life  … Continue reading Interpretation


There are times when Light plays hide-n-seek Conspires with the mist to create a glowing haze Tests the vision and willingness to wait in patience It’s these moments that intercepts the thoughts Insulates the mind and heart with feelings of uncertainty Sublimate your being and allow the spirit to guide There is always Light for the one who seeks with Faith© Continue reading Light

The Candle

The candle proudly stands tall Willing to sacrifice itself Once lit up, the world illuminates Flame dances to the tune of the winds Heat melts the soul and clings to the sides Resembling ivory sculptures Idle eyes capture the imaginary designs Intricately scrutinizes the melting candle Life burns away every moment Candle narrates the purpose of Life Providing light till the last breath Sharing warmth … Continue reading The Candle