To Experience Life

The irresolute emotions breathing in self-seeking desires Loses the vision of a wonderfully expanding world, ready to embrace life and mediate between the upheavals There are lesser chances of escaping the conundrum of woes while desperately looking at the image sculpted from delusional eyes The silhouettes cannot walk around the empire of light without feeling the nakedness From the fetal position to many wanderings with … Continue reading To Experience Life

Silent Wonder

When the last drop of sentiments funnel down  Sudden colorlessness of a bright day is a contradiction Where they settle down is intriguing Earth magnanimously absorbs multitude of emotions Hoping to nurture them with motherly love Before that moment persuades the darkness To say goodbye from a grand stage of crimson hues Spirited lyrics wave in with magical dulcet tones New feelings will be birthed … Continue reading Silent Wonder

Secret of an Image

While standing in front of a mirror Looking at the image reflecting a part of me Which one is real? One who faces me or the physical self that I can feel Duality and dilemma, a distance unfathomed Is it curious just like me? Maybe communicating wavelengths have some answer In meditative silence the reflective facade intrigues Contradictions are duplicated Captures stillness and imitates the … Continue reading Secret of an Image

An Image

O’ it’s a love affair with an image Studying the outlines to frame an opinion Leading to a fatalistic identity  Conscience subjugated by imposing passion Seduction by an image A stratagem? Feelings kiss the skin so fervently Revolving world comes to a standstill Consciousness shrinks  Plenitude of an image submerges insight The world rushes in with platitudes Blending an image of freedom There is an … Continue reading An Image

In the Mirror

Deep into the night A mirror imitates the darkness Blending with the surrounding Mischievous glint off the edges Light of the stars draw the silhouette Enigmatic frame dissolves your image Night urges the Self to seek within A light that the soul has kindled Glow of the inner world helps you see Mirroring the inner beauty with eloquence Night reveals the true beauty of existence© Continue reading In the Mirror

Life and Persona

So often, we obsess over carefully crafted personas. With meticulous personal branding and the best in business, image management/consulting agencies, create a larger than life persona. They have the pulse on the likes and dislikes of the present generations and work their way through the vulnerable emotions, of mostly young followers. The contribution of media cannot be slighted, who cover all the events and reports … Continue reading Life and Persona

Face-to-face with a Mirror

The mirror has a glossy façade Reflecting the ultimate truth Mirror gazes at your soul Thus the image of your being The deeper thoughts and nature Sometimes the uneasy truth Staring at you for an answer Or, may be some soul searching Long forgotten world, neglected In the busy world of superficiality A world agonizing for attention Birthed from divine powers Now, it’s a mere … Continue reading Face-to-face with a Mirror