Of Those Imaginations

Imaginations become feeble when you allow them to become strangers Eyes favour the undesirable, the barren thoughts seat themselves comfortably Discussing the impulsive change in routes that are unkindly and difficult to traverse Palpitations of the wind, tremulous feelings of the valleys, and widespread neglect No hallowed mornings, lights appear and then melt into some unknown reality Nursing negativity in the bosom; it sighs and … Continue reading Of Those Imaginations

Stubborn Images

Trust the eyes, after all, they have to see throughout the days conflicting images Of human manipulations; still, seeing is believing, has become an insubstantial saying Distractions direct them to look here and there- unsincere, uncertain, unimpressed Yet, they absorb the images ravenously, almost as if trying to hide its deep incredulity It’s a delight to dance with the light and rhythmically reconcile with the … Continue reading Stubborn Images

Timeless Night

When heartbeats cannot translate the night’s cryptic whispers Tremulous hour sinks the feelings; guided by a lone light towards the deep Unknown spirit of the night wearies the hopeful dreams of a soul Aimless wandering, sleeplessness, swift sinking into a doubtful realm It feels the day’s reversed image has been imprinted upon this canvas Sights sigh and slyly sees the perplexed eyes gauge the inert … Continue reading Timeless Night

Intriguing Images

The visuals that are cerebral follow the essential curiosity like a magical companion From where they descend no one knows, but they have been birthed by some ethereal consciousness Trying to gaze at their visage can be unnerving as their expressions are a revelation  It is remarkable that the mind urges the eyes to read more into their character for cautious introspection World may term … Continue reading Intriguing Images

In the Flow

Through the narrow passages, frail images float around like wavy coagulated reality There is no reply, waving at the uninspired faces; ashen times and their powdered reality of fragile particles Weak bonds and feelings undesirable create an unconvincing narrative that rarely speaks without the aid of tensed perspectives Original languages leave the tongue as if they are being pulled away by a strong inimical force … Continue reading In the Flow

Unfamiliar Dreams

Unfamiliar dreams, the night is eerily still Time loses its existence; the pause is anxious  How can a night’s sleep become antagonising? While wanting to be alone with the dreams Now is the moment of being awake with fear Night’s character is quite sinister at such hour One can’t even wipe the sweat off confidently This is another unknown world to wander Eyes burn from … Continue reading Unfamiliar Dreams

The Decision

Do you believe the sympathetic lies or trust the uncomfortable truth? Both situations present themselves mirroring diverse reflections of life Which mirror you turn to?  There isn’t a simple reply; the heart would know, the turmoil through convoluted times Time behaves like a narrow labyrinth syphoning off the mind into a rushed decision Secret affinities to the alluring lies against a brave decision to face … Continue reading The Decision


Elaborate summaries; their oral narrations are open to distortions You would ask those questions, but reply would be restricted and condensed With curdled interpretations; world viewed with nebulous eyes  Tongue waves at the words which are accepted in catacombs Such grave words summarising the entire meaning in a hasty manner Would you still believe in the proficiency of languages? Muddled thoughts scripted and directed by … Continue reading Summarizing

Between Reflection

You and your reflection part ways unknowingly Faint and eccentric, it plays with the emotions of light and dark Is that where fables are born?  From the dichotomy of characters facing each other and antagonising  When predetermined answer is an arrogant ‘NO’ The feeling of losing a part of the self over the dilemma is a splitting image Fear transforms into agony, and in turn, … Continue reading Between Reflection