Let’s rely on passionate imagination to create an enigmatic reality Clarity can help concentrate on the unrealised energy and architects  Of a completely different world full of vivid consciousness  Where a reality with fragility will step aside  There are no contradictions but humility and acceptance  Revered mind and potent imagination can understand a world  More truth are revealed to one who is not shy of … Continue reading Imagination

Art with Words

Every word is a bright blend of colors Mixed with different emotions Every sentence a colorful pattern More vivid colors come to life An interpretation and a medley Installation art designed with words Emanating from the artist’s soul Fluid emotions expand languidly Like a flower blooms with interpretations Charismatic prism of the mind reflects colors Like stained glass patterns, a kaleidoscopic wonder© Continue reading Art with Words

Shy Luminescence

The night reveals a shy luminescence Painted with the soft brush strokes A scene of ethereal beauty across the canvas The clarity of the silhouette edges is mesmerizing An abstract art evolves from vivid imagination The fervor of the silent night draped in grandeur Trembling with shyness the eternal beauty of night Divine beauty descended from the heavenly abode Intoxicating night’s aroma stirs the euphoric … Continue reading Shy Luminescence

The Azure Infinity

The azure infinity Gives color to life Inspiration for many Especially dreamers Like me and you Eulogized with words Brilliant imageries painted The canopy of wilderness Wish for wings maybe Once, to fly with freedom Till then let’s dream And take a plunge Feel the infinity, here Let the azure reflection Mesmerize forever Many more words Will paint the mystery With certain romanticism Love for … Continue reading The Azure Infinity

The Magical Journey

A little beyond The threshold Of conformity And collective Sanity There is A world Of creativity Waiting to Be explored Run amok With freedom Let the Mind wander Beyond The realm Of common Definitions Pick your path And be ready For a journey And whirlwind Experience And feel the Mind expand To reach out For inspirations As never before It’s exhilarating And euphoric Just go … Continue reading The Magical Journey