From Stories that Emerge

Fables are real compared to the reality that births them Who can focus on life and probe its nature so patiently? Life’s truancy becomes unbearable even to the misbehaved boy How much muck can those hands gather? Deface and defame the facade of life with vulgar graffiti Unclean thoughts desecrate the mind at odd hours Abuse finds its legitimacy in mainstream communication A foolish mask … Continue reading From Stories that Emerge

Of Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t inspiring and does not blend with creativity Those wrinkles premature won’t be calmed easily once they appear Confusion arise from jealousy and unrepentant mingling of feelings Something created from pure innocence carries eloquence forever Oh! Those spirits pallor indicate the maladies and weaknesses Pain of jealousy is indifferent to medication of love and promises Once exuberant jealousy afflicts the heart and weakens creativity … Continue reading Of Jealousy


Trees are not woods and forests are not escapists’ sanctuary Definitions are wrong as their outcomes have suggested repeatedly Any evidence we have come across cannot be linked There were those phases of amnesia when consciousness was feeble Audacious ones try to interlink existence- such frail brains at work That stir within and later an upheaval was not enough to awaken Then the slumber has … Continue reading Animosity


The immaturity and failure of adults are due to hurriedness to grow up without being conscious of one’s existence and realizing the true meaning of life. Roots of instability grips and stifles the growth of an individual. Social narratives are becoming more intolerant and aggressive, thus creating a negative impact on society. Considering failure to be inevitable is an inevitable path towards failure.  ~ Amitav Continue reading Failure