Looking for permanence in a world that firmly believes in rapid erosion of moments Briefly held near the eyes, before they are taken away for reasons unbeknown to man  It difficult reading hastily changing faces and holding on to slowness during times of urgency The killing of desires is a violent act too; “But it’s only desires being slayed”, says a stoic voice Searching for … Continue reading Impermanence

Life is Intriguing and Challenging

Consider a life without the challenges and it travelled through a straight line, without the detours and exigencies. It’s utopia! You have nothing to complain about and everyone is compassionate, kind, and grateful. You would never reach old age as if your life stood still and time had no effect on it. Just imagine a perfect life. Would life be as interesting? In life we … Continue reading Life is Intriguing and Challenging

The Mirror

Staring at the reflection If the mirror can sense my soul Reflecting my state of mind My fears, inhibitions My flaws and strengths There are two sides Of my reflection Oscillating between Arrogance and unassuming Is there a distortion? My soul reflecting My inner world Leaving me exposed In cahoots with the mirror It takes enough strength To stare at your own reflection © Continue reading The Mirror