With Nothing On

Experiments with unsteady reality, in it but not without Exposed soul gets spasms, an oft repeated journey through some diabolical tunnel Primeval spirits still unawakened at this hour of vulnerability and grave insouciance Challenging each other to get entangled into a dystopian pattern Those who slow down or lack the passion to indulge in fornicate with untamed delusions Social pariahs, “aren’t their conditions mentioned in … Continue reading With Nothing On

The Contradictions

While I decide to go the other way Something pulls me, interrupts my decision There I wish to live and find a purpose Here, I have comprehended the futility Whether I am being pushed or pulled, I know not On who is behind the contradictions Above restlessness, it is a continuous struggle Difficult distancing myself from both realities While I sit here exasperated and tired … Continue reading The Contradictions


Trading barbed words to acquire peace Precincts carved out from scathing visions Soil blended in acrimony unable to yield tolerance More of strategic warble weaken reason Embittered feelings alter the consciousness Like an omniscient cloak pulling in heads Sheltering them from further communication It’s desirable to be obedient without questions Arched emotions afflicted with painful times Fiends camouflage themselves in obsequiousness For every dialogue becomes juvenile banter … Continue reading Disconcerting

Symbolic Journey

Where the feet are, they feel restless Pacing up and down through labyrinth of uncertainty An abode could not provide comfort for years Wanderings will leave blisters on untraveled souls Indifference and paranoia ignite latent passions  Reconciling and blending with an artificial concoction  Snapping ligaments weaken the movement Out of sync life suggests the feet go here and there Aimless wanderings are warning signs  Landscapes have changed with … Continue reading Symbolic Journey

Introspective Journey

Born with the eternal desire to vanquish Carry forward the legacy of feud between thoughts Established, and with steely resilience pierces the mind Piqued existence is a dormant volcano waiting to erupt Deceptive waves of life carry the souls to coarse shores Every particle of nature acts as a sandpaper Abrasive surfaces on the skin become resistant to healing Natural desires wrinkle and happiness hides within … Continue reading Introspective Journey

Mirroring Conflicts

A mirror creates two worlds Interesting observations with initial doubts Is it a true reflection or an alter ego? Friend, foe, or mere hallucination Maybe workings of a hyperactive mind, this reflection Representing the light and dark? Or, the hidden desires magnified for a show Debating the strengths and weaknesses Flaws and perfections and dual comparisons  Most interesting debate with a reflection Anything between eloquent … Continue reading Mirroring Conflicts


Indecisions are winding roads In desperation one loses the way Seeking an abode in deserted lands Meanderings seem endless As a lost traveller without a compass Directions flare up haphazardly  Life stares at you rather mockingly An endless journey is desperation A separation from tranquillity Tiredness sets within frazzled nerves Body unwillingly trudges along A journey of desperation Even time loses patience to heal Winding … Continue reading Desperation

Turn your Life Around

Turn your life inside out To examine and ponder over realities True persona, a reflection of yourself For the whole world to witness the real you With the vulnerabilities and faults The weaknesses and the darker hues It may seem vulgar and outrageous To open up your world within for display When the strain pulls you apart You are at the crossroads, deciding Pulling you … Continue reading Turn your Life Around