Trifling Moments

Tinkering with the consciousness Lies that have been backed by reasons Denying the enthralling seasons Approaching truth with cautiousness Worrying for the better part of youth About the decisiveness and control Unaware of the philosophies of truth On a hackneyed day, time does not roll Gurgling incessantly about the troubles Daily strife to win the competitive scuffles ~Amitav Continue reading Trifling Moments

I Cannot Follow the Stories

You speak in haste and voices change tracks without warning My ears are strained while listening to your stories Before my mind can examine, they get entangled with a new theme It irks me that I cannot listen to you in leisure Go away- travel some more, gather some more stories; carry some patience next time As if your tongue is misdirected by the misdirected … Continue reading I Cannot Follow the Stories

The Curiosity of Ambivalence

The spontaneity of the mind can not only be surprisingly awkward but also a reminder to the fact that it may play with an ambivalent nature. Is it a phenomenon? Well, the mind is kind of elusive to the conclusive deconstruction. It is interesting to note that human consciousness can only comprehend the mind to a certain degree but remains elusive for the greater part. … Continue reading The Curiosity of Ambivalence

Listless Things

Lack of sense in sensible things- all things have been grouped  It has become a thing to stretch the groups from the sycophantic amalgamation Of all things, emotions and their being is also at the centre of controversy Scarce reflections, creepy deflections, foul breath torment the blooming ones Painted alluringly, the colours of subservience steal the independence of eyes Garrulous groups gather to gossip and … Continue reading Listless Things

Who Knew

It appeared to be a flimsy partition Eyes were curious, neck twitched, and the head decided to peek through It was a buffooning moment, almost devastatingly dense territory A mistaken choice to plunge the head into a viscous reality Who creates these ultimate illusions? Diabolical bastards of a vicious world Eyes stuck now, trying too desperately, neck can’t swivel- no sense of direction Mouth is … Continue reading Who Knew


Longest is the year of indecisiveness Slothful moments take away the initial euphoria On the cold floor, the tiny feet feel uncomfortable When the world is in a hurry Those looking through this chaos curiously Wonders, if the steps are immature  Unfathomable for the world that decides quickly Judgemental, without the sagacity to judge Life is not  a catalog of some random ideas From nascency … Continue reading Toilsome


Countenance of the Universe has a grim expression Wondering, if it was a fault to create a benevolent nature Faultless and mute whenever there have been indiscretions Patiently receiving the ghastly blows of immature bravado Conspiracies of the wayward minds write another destiny Planning a contrary course for the volatile thoughts to choose A reverie that has birthed a lifelong pandemonium Questionable ideologies have always breached consciousness … Continue reading Expression

Unexpected Feelings

It’s a difficult task tackling the mind traveling over corrugated life Where fate can change unexpectedly given the tumultuous journey Feelings rain over the heart inundating the darkened caverns Never felt before emotions wake up from the sudden breach  Days look dreary when the eyes are dipped in gloomy shade of grey Ashen faces reflect the weakening determination of life’s tenacity Speaking in a monotonous tone … Continue reading Unexpected Feelings

The Shadow

Sometimes the shadow is overpowering Eyes turn away from the profound presence A conflicting reality, a debate between the two Long hours of silence arouses many feelings A question, “Is this ‘me’ I am looking at?” Faint light addresses reality in a reflection The shadow seems real, yet, there is anonymity Sometimes, its proximity is unnerving In favorable light, the ominous feelings vanish The intensity of the … Continue reading The Shadow