The Rush

Oh no! There was a rush, I was pushed ahead Or, I moved without my consent, when time was not on my side These are regular moments where I lose my footing But with that stoic expression, I have to look poised No one is concerned; I feel no one is even aware of me When I fill that space with my awkward posture It … Continue reading The Rush

Forgetting Troubles

Pummeled by delusional imaginations A world wakes up in the confines of a disturbing secret Nothing feels new and freshness has a mildewy feel Flattened senses can only feel so much Feeble pulses of the being wake up with rage Coming closer to the feeling of an oppressed life A violent lie lives through the raging veins Punishing the punished- fighting demons with demons Preachy … Continue reading Forgetting Troubles

What Affects the Images

Traces of narcissism creeps in like a shadow chasing the individuality It’s not a matter of vision anymore but the image being diluted by accompanying thoughts Experiencing such involvement from the unwanted perspectives feels depressingly monochrome Pantomimes speak of the inner turmoil dealing with crass interferences The promotions, the mystification of the unnecessary, and epic failures Leave it not to the privileges of using those … Continue reading What Affects the Images

Cannot Rest

I cannot rest my mind on this tumultuous earth Softer dreams have been pulled away  Present inconveniences were slipped through the yawning door Judgemental errors lead to confiscations of preciousness Of life that is tranquil and sprinkled with golden moments  Unrevealed abysses have opened up  Must be the persistent orders from the ruler of the darkened world Frozen ogres have woken up hastily Years of … Continue reading Cannot Rest

At the Epicentre

At the epicentre of belief, there are no veiled shadows  There is only relentless seeking without the conjectures Thinking of the immensity of the conscious echoing Voix céleste, asking me to surrender my senses Saying, “Seek not the unsympathetic words in multitude” If not for the honest reason, it is not possible to be free From excessive jealousy to indifference; it’s vicious Still, the epicentre … Continue reading At the Epicentre

Stiff Words

When the words are stiff, they feel discomforted by the offered space Missing nostalgia, also devoid of sentiments that wait outside forever Yearnings on their faces; the sighs mist the window, obscuring the weather Even the lucid understanding transforms into a cloudy apparition of thoughts Unnecessary gossips act like a sharp scissor eager to shred the feelings A stillness of life, wary of any more … Continue reading Stiff Words

The Instruments

Instruments of lies with taught strings, set to different rhythms  In harmony and ecstasy the tunes cavort with a different energy Caresses the senses amorously to allure them to suspended reality The inaudible decibels are harmful enough to puncture the soul Perforated eternity and strings of lies are a twisted realm  Gazing lasciviously at the morbid fantasies with altered visions Lies love the dilettante  hearts … Continue reading The Instruments


Unmindfully crossing the line that separated the different from indifference One who does not identify the similarities but chooses a dissimilar approach Pretending to be virtuous is a risky game played to deceive the unsuspicious souls Actors of the finest grade essaying the conniving character with conviction Inferior souls delirious from the intoxicating purpose to amass fortunes The consciousness surrendered while the heart and mind … Continue reading Unmindful


Observing the indifferent hearts and listening to their dialogues Can be a complex experience, yet, the mind observes the visible stirrings of insecurity Afflicted with an intense desire to humiliate the pilgrims of conscious knowledge Exaggeratedly colouring the world with dismal tone of perpetual exasperation Choking every conduit of wisdom with dishonest thoughts, trying to challenge feebly Hiding weaknesses by being belligerent and desecrating the pantheon … Continue reading Punishment