Desires scream for encore moments, nothing changes Maybe the rhythm becomes an addictive necessity for the senses Axis of life rotates around the known dimensions Wobbly movements send disconcerting feelings through the body Looking for a different trajectory in vain Doors and windows trap the emotions deep within walls Unreliable foundations spring concrete surprises in discrete spaces Although flimsy, no one lends an ear in the … Continue reading Aberration


Unsettling thoughts consume the mind  Begins with submission to follow or a choice to be alone Weaknesses rattle the constitution Sleight of minds permeates contemptuous sentiments Unjust beliefs weigh on minds  Death of consciousness wipes away the true purpose Betrayed feelings retreat to an oblivious space Emerges the lifecycle of repentance and melancholic feelings Tears do not have the force to wash away fears One … Continue reading Disregard


Pursue the hidden meaning in transience Turn away from the life-long indifference Expectations transform the heart into a slave Wooing life along a path of distressed sentiments Desperate alterations do not ensure a snug fit Sentiments are instructed to portray indifference Desire of a meteoric rise that blazes into oblivion Role-plays are causes of maxillofacial injuries Tired tongue voices the opinions that are tutored Eyes have ceased … Continue reading Changes


Life’s moments deprived of love Abandoned among harsh feelings and ridicule Constant remonstrance acts as sandpaper Abrasive collision tarnishes the smooth surfaces Life is depraved and dryness becomes unbearable Little thorns adorn the branches of Life Even little movements cause the skin to bleed An admonishing soul finds fault with Life itself Accusing every day of being cruel to existence It is not Life’s fault but … Continue reading Moments