Too Close

Two feelings too tight is terminated by that claustrophobia Some of the fading ones, frail and desperate to seek an abode Sheltered in the vicinity of another one who is also perturbed The day may be fair, even beatific, but there is feeble dullness  All those flowers look bright, but the aromas are stingy Some unknown force holds them in captivity in onerous times Love … Continue reading Too Close

What Affects the Images

Traces of narcissism creeps in like a shadow chasing the individuality It’s not a matter of vision anymore but the image being diluted by accompanying thoughts Experiencing such involvement from the unwanted perspectives feels depressingly monochrome Pantomimes speak of the inner turmoil dealing with crass interferences The promotions, the mystification of the unnecessary, and epic failures Leave it not to the privileges of using those … Continue reading What Affects the Images


That suffering from not being able to speak one’s own words  Mere repetitiveness adorn the speeches so carefully crafted Being in the crowd, chanting the inessential narratives by rote Marching towards the cul-de-sac with feet worn excessively This fierceness with artificial fangs look meaningless Overcrowded bonhomie rests on feeble purpose of reluctant sharing Vice of being overtly interested in someone’s troubles seems sage Alternatives never were, and … Continue reading Purposeless


Languages seem similar, the room filled with different minds Choosing to continue with a narrative that’s been started by peers High pitched voices create the most extravagant drama There’s  certainly a camaraderie It lacks the clarity though, on a checkered canvas the imageries are similar- vague Patchwork of an ecosystem struggles to expand further All the important thoughts are considered miscellanies May find some comfort … Continue reading Familiarity

To Blend

Inadvertently blending with the rush to contribute to the chaos Creating another faint trail to weave a pattern in multitude of designs Memorabilia of already existing ones are either glorified or despised Everyone wishes to choose dreams that comfort the soul Yet, the saturated clouds of ideologies stalk original desires Theoretical predators push aside sentiments to impregnate the mind With alternative thoughts easily identifiable with … Continue reading To Blend

Conscious Communication

When we meet someone and start communicating, we slowly start creating a perception in our mind of the individual(s). As we continue to proceed, these meetings and interactions may vary and the amount of communication can either increase or decrease, depends on the nature of a relationship that develops. Usually, in a Social setting, it is about formal niceties. If the relationship continues to grow … Continue reading Conscious Communication

Mirroring Conflicts

A mirror creates two worlds Interesting observations with initial doubts Is it a true reflection or an alter ego? Friend, foe, or mere hallucination Maybe workings of a hyperactive mind, this reflection Representing the light and dark? Or, the hidden desires magnified for a show Debating the strengths and weaknesses Flaws and perfections and dual comparisons  Most interesting debate with a reflection Anything between eloquent … Continue reading Mirroring Conflicts