Thinking Beyond

There are increasing instances of ‘placebo philosophy’ being discussed and advocated. They simply do not have any depth but satiates the superficial urge to fill the mind with coarse information. No wonder, the arguments becomes insensible, with utterances of ‘intolerable philosophies’. Without preparing the mind with a rationale, the arguments become a persecution and lead towards conflicting and unstable theories. Generalized opinions and perceptions cast a … Continue reading Thinking Beyond


There is a lot of information to be processed by the human brain on a daily basis. They originate from various sources and presented through different mediums. Most importantly, the mind has to deal with verbal and non-verbal information to make inferences. The images are processed after a lengthy discussion in the mind; this phenomenon is necessary to arrive at a logical inference. Scanning through … Continue reading Inferences

Rationale of Vision

Don’t view in isolation Many images make up the vision Perceived in an entirety All senses are privy to the essence Sensibility towards awareness Processing so many information Taking split-seconds to infer Every second a new experience Same objects, yet different realization The awareness of the mind From a multidimensional aspect Critical thinking and realism Stark reality, stripped off the façade Is it prescience? Or, … Continue reading Rationale of Vision