Above and Beyond

The hyperbole sounds like impatience that feeds on delusional thoughts Rises, today, every day, from the devious meditations of sorcery Atlas shrinks, languages entangle, and the trajectory of life haywire On the face of this earth, probing with deceitful eyes; challenging creation The chasm between two realities are filled with mysterious hieroglyphs Here, another consciousness is at play- minds cannot settle for a moment Pugnacious … Continue reading Above and Beyond

Truthful Silence

Adrift in the mist of silence Quiet exit from the convoy of thoughts No more complaints and doubts An infinite focus on the soul’s presence Silence holds my hand Before the clamour for return could quieten A new journey with unsure steps New eyes decipher the symbols Replicated world dissolves hurriedly Abandoned burdens and prejudices Blank canvas stares with passion New ink will inscribe the … Continue reading Truthful Silence