Not Much To Read

Incommunicable conversations are being presented daily. Reams of paper wasted on the storytelling process that leads nowhere. It all gathers somewhere, crowded, and claustrophobically settled there, in a space designated for them. Experiences are commonly perceived through a similar vision. A little difference here and there according to the changing milieu. Uttered prematurely, the stories lose significance and body of feelings. It is difficult identifying … Continue reading Not Much To Read


A pen without ink is worthless But extremely lethal too Sitting there in idleness waiting to wield its dangerous nature Like an unforgiving rapier draws deep furrows across helpless blank pages Transforms into a monster  Extreme psychotic behaviour; runs amok like a naked sword Distraught and wounded pages  Are reminders of a pen without feelings Evils are born from sulking and deep rage Never allow … Continue reading Pen

The Enchanting Pen

The pen that holds the magic ink Infusing life to dreams of the Soul Words sprinkled with secret mantra Profound hymns will flow with elegance Mind is a tireless traveler Wandering far and to unknown destinations Collecting the untold stories Eyes of the traveler look for inspiration Even in the rocks and arduous terrains In rendezvous with the silent world Listening to stories that are … Continue reading The Enchanting Pen