Oblique references to the plans seem to be innocent at the beginning Unaware of the tricky spirals already crafted to channelise feelings Discriminating eyes censure the honest feelings for being inappropriate Time to take a chance with the devils and dance in a new rhythm Strips of colourful deceits patch up the sky to hide the floating dreams Flamboyant lies couched in detrimental terms to … Continue reading Preferences

Anxious Nights

As the world becomes louder Decibels do not spare the nights Creepy voices scare away the innocence When the mind could calm itself Or, aimlessly admire the sky Also, invite silence to join the soirée Always a faithful companion Heart yearns the silent nights To reflect upon the universe at leisure Distractions of myriad kinds Insecure hearts try to fill the void With unnecessary decibels Frazzled … Continue reading Anxious Nights

Solemn Eyes

The solemn eyes, full of dreams Each seed planted in the paradise Waiting for them to bloom freely And the wafting aroma of fulfillment Will enliven the senses to celebrate Drowning in the waves of merriment Euphoric soul reflects the glow of bliss A universe’s child had miniature dreams Looking through the prism to elicit colors To paint the dreams with colors from palette Dreams … Continue reading Solemn Eyes

Child and the World

The child has no more questions Feeling bewildered with the mature world Everyone busy running around in earnest There are so many distractions; with more to follow Fierce competitiveness among the grown-up world Trying to be in the race to finish, in a single lane Tensions build up like concrete walls all around Where grown-ups are confined with prejudices The child is left alone to ponder … Continue reading Child and the World

Of Beauty

When you gaze at eternity And look for beauty to arise Reflecting the beauty within Subliminally guiding the light To splash the beautiful colors Mirroring your inner world Beauty speaks in dreamy eulogy A zealous heart reminiscing The warmth of eternal beauty An enchanted universe Where dreams leap and frolic Expressing the childlike innocence The seasons conspire To weave a fairy tale of beauty Realizing, … Continue reading Of Beauty