Education- To Empower Humanity

Education should be liberating and encourage you to indulge in critical thinking, and give you the confidence to venture out to seek new ideas. Education must not teach conformity with a blindfold and train you to take orders and face the ignominy of following the herd aimlessly. They are shepherded by unrealistic desires and ambitions, by minds hardened by laborious conditioning. Let not education become … Continue reading Education- To Empower Humanity

Philosophical Ramblings~4

When your mind is preoccupied with the trivialities of life you are not able to think with clarity. Every day your mind gets cluttered and gets caught in the web of negativity. It requires immense concentration to focus on life through the lens of magnanimity. Your soul, mind and heart should be in cohesion, corroborating the same trail of thoughts. The idea is to streamline … Continue reading Philosophical Ramblings~4

Advertising through the Ages

We are all aware of advertising. It is a form of marketing communication to inform the audience about a product or brand. Advertising is an effort to persuade the audience and win their trust on the particular brand. Advertising uses various mediums, such as- • Print Media (newspapers, magazines) • Television spots • Radio • Outdoor signage and billboards • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … Continue reading Advertising through the Ages